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The Antlers American awards Mays four First Place Readers' Choice Awards in 2006.

1st Place! Mays Home Care wishes to thank the residents of Antlers and the surrounding communities for all the confidence you have placed in our staff. Mays' roots are in Antlers, and we feel that serving the residents of this area is an honor and a privilege. From our humble beginnings in Antlers we have grown to become the largest home care company in Oklahoma, and we have you to thank for this honor.

#1 Best Home Health Agency
#1 Best hospice Service
#1 Best Friendliest Business
#1 Best Customer Service

Mays Housecall Home Health, Inc., Mays PLUS, Mays Hospice, Professionals Giving the Highest Quality of Care in Your Home.




Last updated: 3-4-2008